Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shopping Mall Trivia

ABC News: Mellody Hobson: Become a Savvy Mall Shopper (link)

The Program Theme:
Good Morning America (ABC) had a blurb on shopping malls this morning. Most of the stuff on the program I taught in my college entrepreneurship classes.
Read about it, for your business ideas, or for shopping tips.

The Trivia:
There are more shopping malls in the U.S. than high schools.
Over $2 Trillion dollars are spent at shopping malls each year.
An Idea:
The second leads me to think the federal budget deficit. A special Shopping Mall Tax, similar to the sin tax on booze and smokes could balance the federal books rather quickly.
This new tax money could even be used to reimburse Social Security of the massive amounts the government has "borrowed" from these funds.

shopping mall tax?

I have a little better idea. I think taxes should hit the richer people in society. Taxes that might target them might be taxes on:

1)country club dues and golf carts
2)vehicles above number of licensed drivers in house
3)hours spent in bridge, 42, garden club, antique car and mason meetings

Hi Mitch
Other people besides rich people have those items too.
Maybe we could exempt senior citizens on fixed incomes from your tax and/or the mall tax.
Especially since the Texas Legislature just did away with most of our (seniors') school tax break.
If Kinky will campaign to restore the reduction for seniors I sure will vote for him.
Let's see....Shopping malls....cattle....robots.
Is this stimulation overkill, or what?

I vote: tax the malls. They're luxuries when you can shop Wal-mart, thrift stores, and garage sales.
Mall taxing? Okay. I seldom ever shop the mall!

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