Thursday, June 01, 2006

Six months and still going/running

My blog, JIM'S LITTLE BLOG, is six months old today.

I will do a recap, but first we will have an

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Adi Can ...

Adi can finish changing this tire on Jim's old Ford. But will she?

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Yes, my first post was December 1, 2005 (link). Some say December is a bad month to start a blog, but thanks to some help this one made it through, somewhat.

The help of course was a big boost by Cliff (link) and his readers. And a lot of kids and relatives too. You all came to see what was doing here. I thank you for staying with me.

Now, for some stats. These are small potatoes compared to a lot of others. I don't know if I could handle a large readership like some of you have.


  1. 130 -- Rachel, Sliding Through Life
  2. 83 -- Cliff, Cliff Morrow's Blog
  3. 58 -- Karen, Karen's Happiness
  4. 52 -- Seeker, The First Hundred
  5. 44 -- Susie, Chan's Chats (hasn't posted for a long time)
  6. 39 -- Mitch, My wife is CRAZY (ditto for Mitch)
  7. 30 -- Cheyenne, Muse & Amuse
  8. 29 -- Ralph, Homespun Headlines
  9. 25 (tie)-- Happy/Useless Man, Useless Advice From Useless Men ............................................................................... 25 (tie) -- Curious Servant, Job's Tales [he was in the hospital yesterday, please check on him--you can pray too, things are serious]

Ok, Britmum, All Things English, and Radical One, Favorite Sister's Thoughts, were tied for 11th at 23 comments each. Britmum first found me and commented April 25. Busy regulars (I'm honored when these comment), Poopie, poop happens, with 16 comments, and Rhodent, Rhodent, with 5 are valued readers too.

Discontinued Elise left 64 comments, and Carol, Smiles and Laughter, who has been quite for the last couple of months left 16, and the now quiet yellow_moosebumps, yellow_moosebumps, left 8.

Jim lead the pack with some answers, there were 140 answered comments. Anonymous, now cut off, on April 24, had 121 comments.

.[[sorry, Blogger won't upload for me again. I'll try again tomorrow]

Please just keep on helping me make a go of it. I haven't settled down and might never will. So neither of us know what might be on here next.

Until next time, "Thanks a Million!"


hey jim! love the update, that's really neat. i haven't thought of doing that. i didn't realize that you just began blogging in december.

yes, been reading captivating, and several others of his books. he has a little different perspective and i don't agree with every little detail, but overall i enjoy that it gets my mind thinking.

thanks for all your kind comments, your uplifting and fun posts, and glad you're "still going/running"! have a wonderful day!

Jim your blog always makes me smile.

Did Adi ever finish that tire?

Take care
Great stats! My blog will be a year old next month, and I only have 3373 "hits." Mine took a while to get into circulation.
Love that Adi.
Those stats are really pretty neat. Happy blogday.
Happy blogiversary! As for my Well, I always have been a bigmouth :)

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