Friday, June 23, 2006

Texas oilman E. Pierce Marshall, dead -- What goes around comes around? To Anne Nicole Smith?

Being mean to Anna Nicole Smith just doesn't pay. Well, being mean and greedy towards his step-mother did pay for a while. Now has God said "enough!" and taken him home? Texas oilman E. Pierce Marshall, 67, dies

"Smith married Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II in 1994, when she was 26 and he was 89. He died the following year. Since then, E. Pierce Marshall has been locked in a legal battle over her entitlement to the estate."


This is an unfair statement. They had been going together a long time before this, when he rescued her from the strip club. Texas has Common Law Marriage; in my book they had been legally married several years before she officially walked the isle.

Was I prophetic? In a comment, I had just mentioned this to Useless Man (blog) this afternoon, warning a young thing harboring romatic thoughts towards an older man of plights similar to poor Anne Nicole.

[picture from Wickopedia, find the article here]

The picture of her on the June, 1993, cover of Playmate displayed here was in preparation of a blog I was working on, about Anne Nicole Smith and her situation. It was to include this greedy step-son.

My hopes are that the family will let this matter rest in peace--who knows about the wicked stepson--and let Nicole have her due that her beloved husband had provided her [with].

Well, Anna will need the money for sure! She has a bun in the oven! According to my sources (my 5 gossip magazines a week), she is about 3.5-4 months pregnant! That money sure will come in handy!
I hope I don't offend too many here. It is intended to be a little sarcastic natured article, such a greedy man!
I do believe the family, although not happy, should have settled and bowed out of this a long time ago.
The legal experts are saying the estate can, and probably will, drag things on and on.
Like in Charles Dickens' book, Bleak House, I personally hope lawyer fees eat the whole estate up if they won't settle, then nobody will get anything.
Money didn't make him happy. His children didn't make him happy, either. So he traded his money for a beautiful young thing: He bought her. It's hers. Let the kids work for theirs.
Well Jim, you must have quite the collection of magazines there. (tee hee)
Absolutely sickening.
It's the same collection you have Cliff, on the Internet.
Thanks, Cato.
You have a nice day too.
I only hope that she brought him some happiness and maybe the attention that he was sorely lacking during the time they were together. Many times we neglect the elderly and I'm hoping that she sat with him and talked to him and showered him with affection. She's not the brightest girl but I don't recall anyone accusing her of being mean or cold hearted. I'm hoping that she was good to him and deserves the money.
Yup, being mean to the Marshall family did not pay either. Not now and probably not in the future. What goes around surely does come around.

God's way of making sure she stopped trying to steal what was not hers. Now nobody will have to endure her cruel and wreckless ways, especially her young daughter. It was unfortunately too late for poor Daniel.

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