Friday, June 23, 2006

Where are we now?

You'll have to guess (unless you've been here)
You can buy a franchise, but not here (go see)
Closest to the pin correct city wins,
one guess per person, last guess counts
All is over Monday morning when I check the blog
Also you can tell us, yes or no:
1. About visiting a Bad Ass Coffee Co. place
2. Whether or not you have ever heard of
Bad Ass Coffee Co.
I don't think Google will help much, it might
We have one in Houston (not this one),
I would love a picture of it.
5571 Hwy 6 N.
Houston, TX 77084
(281) 550-5339
Cross Street: Timber Creek Place Lane
Read about it through a review (link)
Contest is over now.
Click here for the answer.

I'm guessing it is in Austin Texas. Only because you mentioned having one in Houston. I have never been there or even heard of it before.
yes, but what do we win?
yes or no is not a valid answer.
Curious Servant [Job's Tale] won the last one and he didn't complain about his prize.
This one will be about the same.
I have never heard of this place. I'll say Ft. Worth. Must be some strong coffee with a name like that!
Two to none,
that is no fun!
Two think Texas when we say Bad Ass.
No one else dares yet (a lot have looked).
You're in Hawaii.
Greeley, Colorado...?
Never heard of it.
Okay, I'll guess again. El Paso?

(Down in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a ......)
Remember Marty Robbins song?
I think Anna Nichol Smith Started the franchise... in Maui, Hawaii!!


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