Saturday, July 22, 2006

Adi Can . . . . . . . . Have a new bed

At the end of a long day, the last is very welcome. Asleep in Peoria, Illinois, Adi likes her new bed now. At first she didn't like it, I think it didn't smell doggie like. We had it behind the passenger seat but she just wouldn't relax in her favorite riding place.

Maybe it was the new scenery, she moved around a lot on the back seat and then would sit like a kid, looking out the window; on her haunches with her front legs holding her upright.

When we slowed down through a town, she cried for the window to be rolled down. Then she would put her head forward outside and let her long beagle ears flow in the breeze. She loves to do that.


This was the first stop this morning. We left last night about 5:30 and this morning at 7:30, we were in St. Louis for breakfast. This is a nice MacDonalds on I-55. We were just about the first customers, I brought in their newspapers.

Mrs. Jim and I split a Deluxe Breakfast and we each had a senior coffee. The breakfast consisted of two pancakes, scrambled egg, a ground sausage patty,, and two biscuits. The biscuits got the strawberry jam treatment. With all that food, we had to skip our usual half a granola bar.



Before getting to Peoria, we stopped in Springfield, to visit the Lincoln Presidential Library. It was a nice one as far as how it was decorated. There wasn't very much real memorabilia though, most items were newly made immatations similar to those shown in historical pictures.
Besides telling the life of Lincoln, a lot of political and social undertones were presented . That was a little much for me. I think Lincoln was a wonderful man and person. However, I think the people who made the presentation, and probably did the funding, were not very objective. .


No trip to Springfield would be complete without at least seeing the Illinois capital building there. That's all we did was drive by as we had hurry on to Peoria for an important visit.

Our granddaughter, Megan, is lucky to have a summer intership at the Caterpillar headquarters here. She is a business, accounting, major at The University of Texas. Next summer she already has lined up an internship with one of the big xxx (five now?) accounting firm.

We went out to eat with Megan, Megan and Mrs. Jim shared a pizza. I had an Italian calzone. And there was salad. Then Megan showed us around Peoria.

I didn't get a fresh picture of Megan today, but I'll have another chance tomorrow morning as we all will eat breakfast together.

Adi is still sleeping in her new bed. I'm going to heat up some leftover pizza, take my last medicine, and go to bed my self.

That Adi sure does look sweet in her new bed with her bear!

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