Sunday, July 30, 2006

A couple of guys: one with a bottle of wine and a dog; the other, Ok? - - - - What is going on here?


BTW, I don't think they are related to those two old geezers Poopie found (link).

Probably doing what men do best...watching women.
You have a nice day too.
Hi Jim! Thanks for coming to my old site via Rhodent's. My new site is
Gidday Jim, I'm glad you liked my post on Bobby Darin. I thought I had made mention about Sandra Dee and that she had died on 20th February, 2005 where she had been treated for 14 days for complications from kidney disease and pneumonia, but no I had missed adding this important information. Thanks for asking about this, as I have now corrected my post.
Looks like Italy to me, and a couple of Eye-talians checking out the ragazze.
I like B & J better :) Just sayin...
This is a no-brainer that every woman knows: they're waiting while their wives shop.

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