Sunday, July 23, 2006

Family Fun Night in Center Point (IA) . . . . . . . . . . The Jim Buch Eats Some More

On the left is Mrs. Jim getting ready to check her e-mail and visiting with my sister, Lois. We are at the Center Point, Iowa, Travel Plaza. Mrs. Jim is waiting for her computer to lock onto the wireless, Lois is watching me uplink a picture for the blog.

With a little encouragement, she might become a blog owner/writer. Her most significant question was how hard is it to get a picture uploaded to a blog. Second on the list is how long does it take to learn how to do it. All easy stuff, when it all works.


I tolk a few of you I would soon be eating sweet corn, i.e. roasting ears, either in Illinois or Iowa. Well, here the corn ears are in Iowa.

Lois cooked up five ears, one for each of us and then an extra. We also had brats (brother-in-law, Jim cooked them outside on the grill), potato salad, cole slaw, and lemon pie. Drinks varried, I had pink lemonade.

Lois was full of questions today. Her suppertime question was "how do I like to eat my roasting ears?"


Of course there are only two practical answers to that question. Around and around (round and round) and up and down.

It turns out that Lois eats hers round and round, I eat mine up and down the ear.

I think Mom ate hers round and round while Dad ate his up and down. Maybe it is a male female thing? Mrs. Jim eats hers up and down the ear, so that wipes that male female stuff out.

How do you eat yours. Any good reasons? [I just like the way I do it.]

Hi Dad- I also eat mine up and down! Most be an immediate family thing? Taking a break from my work and knew that you would have a posting!!

Mom- How was your Spider game? That was one of the first things Billy and I noticed!!!
Hi Karen -- Mom's computer never did lock onto the Internet here. Maybe that was because she wouldn't buy a McDonald's senior diet coke.
Lois and I got the large size for forty-five cents.
That corn looks good. I usually eat mine up and down, but sometimes I vary it with some round and round.
How was Clay City Sandwiches?
Clay City Sandwiches will be either Monday (tomorrow) or Wednesday.
We are all anxious for that. I didn't see Philly Cheesesteak ones on the menu. If they don't have that it will be a Rueben. Lois said they are putting more kinds on the menu (than are on the menu she has) now.
Looks great!! I usually eat the edges around and off first, to make room to hold them better, and then it's from side to side and usually it's all over my face.....ah but soooo good....
My sister actually does a circle at each end, then goes round and round in from one of the ends.

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