Thursday, July 06, 2006

How to spend the 4th of July,

(And then some)
Go Jeeping on the 4th
[click pictures to enlarge]
There is a short story here. Our friend (and his wife by default) has a hobby. You would never guess what this hobby is?

He does off road Jeeping. (link to one, Google 'off road Jeeping' for more) This is my golfing buddy, Charlie, who now doesn't golf more lately than I have been.
His newest hobby, this Jeeping thing, is being done in a big way. This Jeep is even airconditioned. It got into his blood, now the two of them are out in the boonies with their Jeep and dozens of other adventuresome souls.
The story here:
All Charlie's friends were camped out someplace close to the badlands where they would Jeep. Charlie and spouse were stuck in a Motel, miles away.
The solution to this dilema was to buy an RV. It is a really nice one, with lots of luxuries. He even installed his Direct TV with a signal tracking antenna.
Now what's this?

It is a 1974 Dodge RV that we might could afford. It needs some work, there haven't been any takers so far for $1500. Do you think it would pull our Jeep?
We don't have a Jeep, but I think son, Mike, would loan us his for a few days. I don't think he keeps it licensed or inspected just for back and forth to work. It has been ages since I've seen it, it may not have a tow bar for me now either.

Guess besides fixing up the RV, we would have to bring his Jeep up to snuff too.

I just heard that gas prices will top three bucks a gallon by this weekend. That big RV gets what 6 miles to the gallon? You could pay for a lot of hotel rooms by the time you got that RV anywhere. And as far as the jeep goes, I use to have one, they are pretty high maintenance - stick to golf.
Wow, that is one cool RV in that first picture!! A person could live in style in that and be right at home. Nice jeep too.

I don't know about that other RV though. $1500 is pretty cheap. I'd say forget it and get something a little newer! Just buy a 4 wheeler instead of a jeep too.
Ralph, I don't think the price of gas enters his mind much. He does know it got 5.87 mpg on the first shake out run. It has a Caterpillar 400 diesel engine.

Rachel, we have been there. When Mrs. Jim and I were married I had a popup tent camper/trailer and a John boat (and a motorcycle). The 1979 (Tropical Storm Claudette) flood got the camper and motorcycle, we gave away the John boat when we move up here to high ground.
5.87 mpg?

at $3.00 / gal, that equals ~ 50 cents per mile.

How can you enjoy going anywhere for 50 cents each mile?
That is correct, see my post as soon as I leave off here of our gas prices.
They are good for the oil company profits and employment around here.
One dealer here sells 'up to 1,200 vehicles a year.'
Also see owner profile for these vehicles.
He keeps it inspected. That much know.

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