Saturday, July 29, 2006

In the South, y'all is singular; all y'all is plural.

Got this blurb this morning by e-mail:

"In the South, y'all is singular; all y'all is plural."

Mrs. Jim says that isn't right, y'all is plural in itself and you don't have to say all y'all.

Her southernish never has y'all for singular, because all is plural. I don't argue with Mrs. Jim about Southern things because she is from Louisiana.

Any thoughts here? If you aren't a Southerner, your opinion will be somewhat discounted.

O.k. I am English so I guess I have no thoughts on the subject. LOL

Take care xx
I think that Dallas skyline sure looks pretty!!!
lets see, i am not southern, but i have big assperations of becming a southern belle in the near futrue.

and I would have to say that y'all is plural and all y'all is just plain assnine:)
I'm not a southerner, but some of my best friends are.....

p.s. They tell me "y'all" can be used as singular or plural, but "all y'all" is definitely plural.
Hmmmm I agree with Seeker... I've been referred to as a "ya'll" by myself, so that would be indicitave of a singular usage. Had I been with someone else they might have worded it "all ya'll"
Okay, a southerner born and bred will speak:

"Ya'll" is plural.

"Ya'll all" is for emphasis, such as in, "Ya'll all be sure and visit her."

"All ya'll" is for urgent emphasis, such as, "All ya'll stop hitting your sister RIGHT NOW!"
P.S. Did I win something?
Susie, you win my respect, whether you are right or not!
I agree with Susie!
Rachel, there is only one prize.

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