Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Jim Bunch eats again . . . all by myself (and Adi)

Gourmet all the way here!

Well, not quite. But it was good for 'eating some things I found.' That's what I told Mrs. Jim when she asked what I had for lunch after coming home from her golf. I think she had cereal; I had eaten the last of these good things until more shopping.

Those three pills have to be taken with a meal; I wasn't feeling like eating very a heavy meal this noon. It has some of the food groups I think. I don't know them since they were updated.

The menu was six ham and Swiss on no-fat soda cracker-wichs with mustard. A piece of 'Dilorio Farm' seedless watermelon from Hempstead, Texas, served as fruit and desert. And of course the required glass of water with the meds.

I ate like that a lot in my midlife bachelor days. My favorite was split peas soup with cut up hot dogs and sauteed onions added.

My showpiece was homemade pizza, dough and all. I adapted the River Road (Baton Rouge) Cookbook dough recipe to accommodate mostly whole wheat flower.

Pizza was the meal of request. They might not have had the best likes for my pizza, rather they just didn't care for the soup. Even if I changed the base to tomato instead of split pea it still wasn't a hit.

To this day I can make an excellent chili. People ask for it too. I never measure and mostly use a mixture of stuff I generally keep in the pantry for making chili. I confess, I do use one package of chili mix (McCormick brand preferred); then I add chili powder and garlic powder (and other seasoning to match my mood for the day) because I will double or triple the recipe.

More eats another day, I'll try to get it to be interesting.

I hope your Fourth was nice. Ours was except for driving in the hard rain.

I could eat off of your menu any day. That's my kinda meal!

It rained in Texas? That doesn't happen very often.

Hope you had a great 4th of July!
I'm with Jerry - that menu sounds great to me. I really like eating like that.
It rained here yesterday as well. First significant rain in the last six weeks.
Looks good except for the mustard.

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