Monday, July 03, 2006

Life in the good ol' 1950s

What were you doing then?

Got this nice video link from my Sunday school teacher in an e-mail, lots of us got it. The video link is later in this blog.

Some of you weren't even born yet, more were too young to remember. You can learn a little here, about what we talk about now.

I still have one of these 1950 Fords

If you are around my age, a little older or a little younger, they will bring back good and bad memories.

I'll tell you how I fit a few: (remember, I had other lives, they will help explain my fitting)


My 1956 Ford was a light green and white convertible with a white top.

My payments were higher than my Army pay

And how I fit a few of those issued mentioned:

(My, how I have changed--mostly for the better, but this isn't a time for confessions or apologies.)

The video: (link), or

How did you fit?

My great grandma had one of those 1950 Fords that she took me to the dime store in.
Thanks for the run down memory lane! I remember lots of those things. Things sure have changed now.
I remember the 50's well. Those were the days my friend. Had a 1953 ford convertable with a continental kit on the back. Had to fight off the broads looking for
a ride. Went on manueevers in Monroe, La AND this was quite an experience. Was a Radio Operator in the USAF. Medt and romanced a few of the local dollies there. Oh, to be able to go back in time...

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