Friday, July 07, 2006

Now and then . . . . . . . . . . . . Shouldn't that have been then and now?

This is the now. You can see how our lake has filled up, not with water but with weeds. This is the spectacular Lake Conroe. Our dam has been fixed after Hurricane Rita destroyed a major portion of it last summer. FEMA helped with $1.x million.

Why don't we have water instead of weeds? There just hasn't been enough rain in the San Jacinto River basin to fill it, in fact the lake has had more outflow than inflow this year.

Houston has been having enough rain, if we had theirs it would be full. But up here 50 miles to the north, things are still dry.

I think there have been three drownings this year; it doesn't take much water and booze to drown. To be fair, one drowning was a teenager who thought the lake was low enough to walk across. He got mired in the mud and kept on sinking.

I heard a couple of farmers the other night at a July 4th party saying that if there wasn't a good rain in the next couple of weeks, their crops would be totally dried up.
Did you notice the bird perched on the bulkhead on the right? It is some sort of crane, I don't know the species. He and his friends live here, swooping down to catch fish when they want.

Now look at this picture. He is flying away, we think he was leary of Adi and Jim. Click on the picture to enlarge it.


Below is the then picture. Not before the lake was drained last summer, but before the weeds grew up on all those new islands.

Maybe we should try to make our lake a wild life preserve and just forget about filling it with water. Out in the open there is still enough water for the boaters to play, those nasty stumps are just a little closer to the surface.

Wow. Such a beautiful lake. What a shame.
Whew! Your blog has become a regular
Too bad about the lake and now all those weeds. Maybe it'll rain and fill up eventually.
Texas is a bit parched, isn't it?

Hope you get some relief soon!

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