Monday, July 24, 2006

Our day in Cedar Rapids

One of our objectives today was to eat lunch in Cedar Rapids at Clay City Sandwiches. We all ate very nicely, I had a Rueben sandwich, a salad, and some Diet Pepsi. Mrs. Jim had Wisconsin Cheese soup and a salad (plus a fourth of my Rueben).

Clay City Sandwiches is owned by Seeker's (
link) niece, Hannah, and her husband. Neither of them were in today, but Seeker's niece, Liz, was there. Liz is a nice young lady who spoke highly of her aunt (Seeker). Seeker blogged some about her kids and the restaurant on . (link)


Duffy's Collectible Cars was our next stop. Bet you have trouble figuring out who organized this part of the agenda? I liked this 1932 Ford Model B Pickup truck.



Mrs. Jim liked the 1946 Chrysler on the right here. It was a very plush car, complete with a crank-up window between the front seats (chauffer?) and the rear passengers.

The '46 Chrysler Windsor Limo asking price was $19,950. The '32 Ford Model B (Frame off) would go for $24,950. They might take less for the pickup as it was there back in the Winter when we visited.



No trip to Cedar Rapids would be complete without stopping at the Antique Mall in Marion. Mrs. Jim was the last to finish, however she did meet us at the appointed time.

You can see she was watching for cars as pedestrians don't seem to have the right-of-way in the Marion crosswalks.



Our final stop was in Hiawatha to visit Dad. You will remember he is 96 years old. Here he is wearing his hard had. The Red Hat Ladies and the Construction Men have taken the home as their community project.

Maybe Dad would rather be wearing his Phillips 66 Trop Artic Racing Team hat. After the big merger this hat is probably a collector item.

Our supper was at Lois' home; ham and cheese sandwich, potato salad, cottage cheese and chips and chili cheese dip. The sandwich bread was Old-Fashioned German Black, made by the Amana Society Bakery.

We have a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and some Pralines and Cream ice cream waiting for our bedtime snack.

Adi will get ice cream, but no donuts. She is on a Jim imposed diet. I wish I could impose that diet on me.

Looks like a fun day, and lots of good eating.
That bedtime snack would probably wake me up!
Hi Dad- Sounds like a great day! The Reuben sandwich sounds the best!!! Enjoy the Krispy Kreme as they don't make them here anymore. Those are Billy's favorite!
Love the old cars!! Your Dad looks good for his age. You look like him I think.
Now hold on just a minute, Jim!

You were in Iowa and got Krispy Kreme donuts? How many Casey's did you pass to get to Krispy Kreme. That was a fool's errand.

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