Saturday, July 01, 2006

Texas Holsteins -- Milk them three times a day

Author note to students: Do not quote this Web site as a source for your research work.
Nothing you find here is true except the 'Home Baked Pie' of Presho South Dakota story. .

Texas Holsteins once claimed this old barn as their home. This breed gives twice as much milk as your ordinary Holstein can make. This really shouldn't surprise you, everything is bigger in Texas, three milkings are expected here.

You might ask why would they give more milk? I don't know why, Mother Nature has provided.

Texas Holsteins are bred to have multiple births, mostly twin calves. It just works that way, that they must be able to produce large quantities of milk for their calves.

Those poor calves. They don't hardly get to drink any of that milk. The morning after they are born they are taken from their mother cows and shut up similar to the way hogs are raised up north.

No free range calves in the East Texas ranges. They are force fed soy bean milk, scuttled to an oat and corn diet until they are ready for steak. Get butchered for steak, that is.

Texas steak is might fine, especially Holstein. No one knows why, but we call it O'myha meat. I think they used to have a large slaughter house up there, maybe two, in Omaha.

You can get a steak that came from Omaha, but it wasn't butchered or grown there. Just shipped and maybe wrapped there, and 'named' for a town that used to be famous for it's slaughterhouses.

That reminds me of a time we stopped at Presho, South Dakota, for a noon meal. The nice little restaurant had a sign saying 'Home Baked Pie.' I had apple and it sure was good.

I asked our waitress if perhaps all the help baked at home, then brought them in with them to work. They surely weren't calling them home baked if they made them in the restaurant.


Right away, she said they were Mrs. Smith pies. She could see I wanted more, so she added, "we bake them at home." 'Nough said.

Of course these cattle eat more than you would expect because they are about twenty percent larger than your ordinary Holstein. That's more meat per hoof, and you know the price of glue is cheap now-a-days.

Too many hooves already. Even for all the Jello too. By the way, I don't eat Jello, you won't either if you are a vegetarian.

Why doesn't everyone everyplace get these Texas Holsteins? The Texas Agriculture Code prevents it, Sec. 39, Subsec 1 through 28 covers it all. Look it up, it's in Volume 3, TAC, S 39, SS 1-28. [The librarian will want you to say "3TAC 29(1-28)," please.]

The Texas Holsteins are carefully guarded by our Texas Border Patrol to enforce these laws. They can't escape or be taken out. I think the feds are being persuaded to even fence the once open range between us and Mexico.

I've heard there are a few herds in the mountains of New Mexico. This would be breaking our law if that can be proven.

We have a saying in Texas, "If you don't own a Texas Holstein or two, buy one then buy some more."

Quite the fairy tale Jim. The folks at Omaha Steaks might take exception with your blog tho.
Also the folks who work at the Snyder Nebraska plant of Omaha Steaks. Also the ones at the company headquarters in Omaha.
Thanks Cliff. I couldn't find anything true here either. Really I would be dissapointed if there was.
I changed some words to save me from the O**a S**k people. They have registered their two 'word' trade mark; it is that Nebraska town and a certain cut of meat. Woe is us.
I got in trouble once before with a blog. I had published a chain e-mail about what I would do if my bod were a c*r (automobile).
The 'originator" (?) had it published as part of a humorist book she wrote.
I'll lay low for a while. A lot of the really good steaks some from South America?
Texas steaks are not as good as those from the midwest anyway, for sure not the Holstein ones.
Hi Jim

Just thought I would pop in because it would be a surprise.

I am online for a bit while they all watch the world cup...not my cup of tea so I am hiding in the study.

Adi look so cute walking the beam.

We have had a few things happen so far and we have only been on holiday for a day. I will try and blog about it this morning.

Take care
Hi Catherine. Very nice to hear from you. Disney has a real nice fireworks show every night. It might be extra special around the 4th.
Have fun, enjoy it all. I know the boys are loving it.

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