Friday, July 21, 2006

There's nothing to worry about in Houston, y'all come

It is perfectly safe here,
well, pretty safe

I think this building has nothing to do with the metal group, Fear Factory. I don't know its history, it sits at the corner of Travis and Rsalie Streets in Houston.

Fear Factory will come to Houston this November 1.
Some words from a review: (Metal Maniacs link)

"FEAR FACTORY defy musical borders, break conventional arrangement, and influence metal bands worldwide. Now FEAR FACTORY are armed with another successful album, equipped to blast the tour doors open with a brutal metal militia in tow."

"Headling the MACHINES AT WAR North American tour, FEAR FACTORY wage war from the West, preparing to leave the powerless in their bloody wake. Rivals in the East, bring the menacing SUFFOCATION to the helm while HYPOCRISY battle to the death with Viking valor and DECAPITATED gather their mercenaries to prove the unholiness of Poland. All corners of the nation will find themselves compelled to witness the massacre of the MACHINES AT WAR and engage in the armed conflict of metal!"

More at the Metal Maniacs site, go here.

p.s. I won't be going to hear the Fear Factory. I would like to see and hear Idgy Vaughn (her bio) on August 3. We will see.

Oh yes, there was a nice write-up about Idgy in yesterday's Houston Chronicle. (link)

The building in question is a Haunted House. "Fear Factory somewhat lives up to the high expectations. Featuring three stories of terror, the Factory will have you trying to get to the end as soon as possible." - Daily Cougar Oct 28th
Thank you much. I did Google on Fear Factory but never uncovered a haunted house.
Had I done 'haunted house houston' maybe I would have found it.
I really did want to know, thanks again.
Dad, "anonymous" was making two seperate comments: the first about the building you pictured being a haunted house, and the second a review about how the group Fear Factory and how lousy it is.

Idgy is interesting. And her stuffs not all about silly stuff like young love.
OMG it was a old Haunted house owned by Jim Fetterly who now owns screamworld. Its abandoned. me and my friend went in there and there is nothing but hobo living there.
It was closed in 1999 then they opened screamworld
Thank you, Chris. This post shows up every now and then and you helped get the building straightened out.

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