Sunday, July 16, 2006

Two kinds of pie. Guess their flavors.

Pie Number One (1) -- Hint, Mrs. Jim made this delicious pie.
Pie Number Two (2) -- No hints, this one is way too easy.

1: Cherry Pie

2: Cow Pat Pie

How did I do?
Hmmm..good thing you didn't say she made the cow pie. That would get you in BIG trouble!
Blueberry? Or, maybe huge figs.

Don't step in the oompah.
That second one looks HUGE. You need to put a ruler down by that to give us a reference point.
Is that a raspberry custard? My Mom used to make them when I was small and were one of my favorites. The 2nd one looks like a mud pie; it's too perfectly round and flat to be a cow pie.
So how'd we do?
Gosh Jim. We just never know what to expect from you do we??

We have seen your feet and now you are showing us this cow pile. Oh my.....well your feet were better looking than this!!

Reminds me of my days of walking on the farm and dodging the cow piles!! (the second picture that is).

The pie that Mrs. Jim made looks yummy. Just needs some ice cream for the finishing touch.
Mrs Jim's pie - Boysenberry

Pie #2 - Addie pie (we have personal experience when she visited)
At my house, pie #2 would be something we burned and dumped outside.
Jim, Thanks for dropping by

I have read your daughters entrys and had a bit of a giggle over City Hall.

I dont think I could write a story as well as she did !!!
And not a dung beetle in sight Jim.

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