Friday, July 28, 2006

A Very Nice Cousin Reunion II . . . The Jim Bunch Is Eating Again

Another Jim Bunch Eating picture.

We were all assembled for a short evening at the The Edge in Tekamah, Nebraska.

From left to right: Cousin Jack and his wife, Linda; (standing) Jim and wife, Mrs. Jim; Cousin John; Cousin Jean and her husband Dwain.

I just realized, we are the four "J" cousins. Five other not "J" cousins live in Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Colorado. Maybe soon all nine of us can get together. That hasn't happened since right after World II at a family reunion.

One other thing, Tekamah, Nebraska, is Cliff Morrow's home. He lives about nine miles east of town. We just didn't have time this evening to connect with him.

We wished we could have called, but time just didn't allow, even the cell phone didn't cooperate that way. Sorry Cliff, but don't you dare sneak into Houston without letting us know.

We left town for another year or so at about 10:00.

On the way to Tekamah we visited Dad's farm; I will post some pictures of the homeplace from time to time. His farm is about ten miles southwest of town.

For a minute there I thought you were wearing a party hat, Jim ;)
I think I see the family resemblance! How nice to get to visit with your relatives.

What, so close to Cliff and no visit?? He'll be disappointed now.

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