Friday, July 28, 2006

What color is Iowa?

Well, here's proof it is turning blue. These things are popping up all over the countryside.

This is another invention they didn't have when I was growing up. I sure wish I had the patent on this creature of fun for kids.

No, it's not an underground nuclear plant, it's got water. Maybe blue water.

Now where are the kids?

Yeah where are the kids? Hmmm,,, mine would be in the middle.

So are you home Jim?

I need to put up a new post but its been hectic here of late.

Take care xx
In PA we have counties. There is a county one away from me where they have just enacted a law that this type pool must have a fence around it. We scratched our head at that one because no other county has the law.
I gave the swimming pool neighbor lady a copy of one of the pictures of their swimming pool, plus your blog address.
She was tickled to see it, her
husband hadn‘t told her anybody had taken a picture of it, and said she‘d look it up on your blog.

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