Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around Enron-related fraud case finds backlash in Britain
This is really good for our European relations (not)!
"They will arrive in Newark, where they will be fitted out in Guantanamo-style boiler suits, handcuffs and leg-irons." The Telegraph, [America defends its citizens, so why don't we defend ours? By Boris Johnson (Filed: 06/07/2006)] (link)

We haven't ratified the Patriot Act related extradition treaty, Britain has. So they are p.o.'d about having to send three British business men to Houston for trial. They can't get the crooks over here in the U.S. to come there, by this treaty at least. [Their corresponding Act of Parliment is a part of their Terrorism Act (link).]

Doesn't sound logical to me, the alleged crime took place in Britain. It wouldn't be worth the mere $7.3 M they are accused of costing the company to try them there.

It might cost that much for them to defend themselves here, though. The Houston Chronicle article suggests bankruptcy for these three men.

Sir John Ritblat, chairman of FTSE 100 property firm British Land, who has long experience of running businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, said: "That you can sit in the slammer before they've even prepared a case against you is unconscionable." The Telegraph (

'"The legal system has run amok in the States. It's nothing to do with right and wrong any more."

"Top executives at two of Britain's biggest companies will be watching the NatWest case even more closely than most. The US Department of Justice has begun an investigation into alleged price-fixing of fuel surcharges between BA [British Airlines] and other airlines following the launch of an inquiry by the Office of Fair Trading and it is also looking into the alleged manipulation of the propane market by BP Products North America."


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