Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Asking dumber questions today

Question # 1: Where am I?

Today I'm pulling a Rachel, she still hasn't told us the answer us her answer. (
link) Perhaps she'll blame the crink in her neck.

Question # 2: Who is this?

He has cleaned up his act. Getting married helped settle him down. Plus he has a new start in NASCAR Racing this year. There is an almost obvious hint here!

Bonus question: Name the fellows in the back, second, and first row.
[Be sure to click on the top picture to enlarge it, makes it easier that way.]
No clue whatsoever... lol

Never mind, I am a girl through and through.

Take care xx
Did you click on the pictures?
Robby Gordon
1. Oscar Mayer
2. Viagra Pfizer
3. Fred Pennzoil
4. Nat Guard
5. DeWalt Carhartt
So far it is a tie between Seeker and Curious Servant.
I did tell too!!

I have no clue who those guys are. Race car drivers! I am not into Nascar at all. Wouldn't know a one of them if they all knocked on my front door.

Answer to first question: you are somewhere in TX??

Second answer; what seeker said??

Third answer as to who drives #39? A race car driver???

Did I do good????
Rachel, you are the best so far! [but not correct, well yes, it is someplace in Texas].
And yes, you did tell tonight. Thanks.
#1) Back row: Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle
Front Row: Mark Martin, Jeff Burton
#2) Kurt Busch during a Busch race at Watkins Glen.
Thank you, Cheyenne, I thought you would know.
Contest is over unless somebody wants to argue about it.

I didn't know the answers to the Bonus question, neither did the guys at the Kwik Lube.

Our house hasn't decided about Kurt B yet but we are giving him another chance. He will be a family man now, needs a little break.
Have you ever heard that before?
I KNEW Cheyenne would know!! She knows her Nascar drivers and cars both!!! I believe she is the biggest Nascar fan I know of! They really should give her a prize!
It looks like you may be on the way to your chiropracter.
I wouldn't ever have guessed it, but these NASCAR race car drivers are shorter than a lot of jockeys!
Thanks for the comments on my posts. Have had some trouble trying to post on you site, would seem I am able to now. My Lyle would have been very interested in the race car post. We have lost another icon here in Australia as you would have seen on Peter's post. He was Peter Brock. Lyle was one of he greatest fans.Cheers Margaret.

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