Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Car of the future -- Video

This is really neat.
It's five minutes long but I think you will like it.
Click arrow in center to get it started --
Cousin from Omaha sent this goodie

Hi Jim, I'll check your video when I return. The rehearsal dinner is tonight and we have a golf outing at 10:45 in Lincoln and it's 6:00 AM now so must go. Thanks for reading my blog. I'll try to come back with a couple of pics.
Awesome. Let's see... 10 or 20 years from now I shouldn't be too old to drive anymore. Looks like a great idea.
Way to neat.

Hey Jim you can click a button in you tube and it will but the video clip on your blog. But you probably already know that.

Take care xx
Thanks Catherine. I want to read the fine print first. I got caught once by a lady who had a copyright on an e-mail thing [if my baudy wer a cah, spelled like it should be] I put on my other blog and had to take it off.
She really did write a book and it was in her book, I checked.
So I just link to them, its safe that way.
BTW, all the pictures, writing, etc, except for titles are copyright by you whether you state it or not.
I tell on my profile picture because I don't want people using it. I've had it now for XX years [since I was in the first or second grade].

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