Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dell Computer Recall

Dave Letterman reminded me tonight to warn the kids who have a Dell notebook computer. Basically here is what he said.

There was more funny stuff than the part to 'wait four to six weeks for your new battery to come' and 'Dell has your safety in mind,' but it didn't soak in.

So, here is what I e-mailed the kids:

"Date: Tue 15 Aug 22:53:52 CDT 2006
From: Dad
Subject: Dell Battery Recall
To: Kid(s) with Dell notebook computers

Dave Letterman said how simple it is.
Go to, click on 'Dell Support.'

Then at the top, right hand is 'Battery Recall' for you to
click on. You will get this page:

Follow the instructions, then wait four to six weeks for
your new battery. "Dell has your safety in mind."

Love, Dad"

I love Dave Letterman.

Take care xx

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