Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do You Know - - - What or Who a Freegan Is?

Dumpster divers scavenge for groceries (link to the Houston Chronicle, Sunday, August 18, 2006):

Adi doesn't dive into Dumpsters because there aren't any around here. She's an old (ten years) hound dog, diving into the garbage isn't beneath her style at all.

"Meadows was caught Dumpster diving, though he is neither homeless nor destitute. He considers himself a 'freegan' -- a melding of the words 'free' and 'vegan' -- meaning he tries not to contribute to what he sees as the exploitation of land, resources and animals wrought by commercial production." ***

Or how about Dumpster diving? That was popular in Waco while Karen was in college. It would scare the daylights out of someone out walking at night. Out of the blue Dumpster would pop a diver.

Most of those were hungry themselves, I think. The people in this article were mainly collecting the wasted food for others less fortunate than themselves. A whole lot of them are college students.

Did you ever do anything off-the-wall while you were away at college. Or, for that matter, away period?
Oh yes, now you know what a freegan is.

Well, there was a little Jim trickery here.

The Jim Bunch Eats Again!.

*** See also Urban Dictionary (freegan)

That's just freegan wrong.
So that's what you call 'em. New word for me.

I once took a dozen eggs (still in the carton) out of the trash in my own kitchen. My son-in-law tossed them because they were one day past the expiration date. ONE day! (I've been known to keep eggs a lot longer than that!)

Jerry, good one.
i have learned a new word today!


reminds me of that show back in the 80's i think, Rock, he was a trash man, and he would most of his stuff from the Dumpsters,
I think that I will not turn into a freegan because it just isn't freegan right. (Sorry Jerry for copying you but it was funny..LOL)

Take care xx
Newe word for me too.

Funny one Jerry!

Jim, you winded me with that longggg song on your comment on my blog!!
Wow! I learnt a new word today too. Looks like a lot of us are hearing this word for the first time.
Hi Jim, re your query on changeover to Beta Blogger, I was unable to transfer the changes I had made to the body of the template, the kids in the background, and Holties House in top RH corner, but the contents of the sidebar were all salvaged.
There is one exception to that, my previous posts wouldn't transfer but the new Blogger incorporates previous posts with Archives so that's not a problem

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