Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Eifel Tower At Night -- My YouTube

Karen and Billy took this while they were in France.

[Press the button in the center to play]
[or the left arrow
[Its short, but click on the left arrow
to play it over and over]
The Eifel Tower is lit at night. Then at specified times it puts on a spectacular light show. It lasts for several minutes. This clip is short, but click on the arrow on the bottom left to play it over and over.
Link to it at
or click on my YouTube link on my blog's right column.
Thank you, Karen and Billy.

It's very lovely. I went to the Eifel Tower once when Scragend was on a buisness trip. We did it all in style it was the best. This was before the boys. I would love to go again. Maybe one day.

Take care xx

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