Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The End of Summer '06

This is back to school week a lot of places. GC#4 here spent a week here with us this summer. In the picture she is on her way to Bentwater Kid Kamp. Lots of games and water play for all was to be had. There even was a boat and a drag rubber raft!

Last night we picked GC#4, Billy, and Karen up from the airport--we had been keeping Karen's Prius (link).


They all had been to Paris for eight days! I'm sure we can get some pictures here from that real soon. I was privileged to preview them last night at Papasitas. When people get back to the U.S. they like to hit their favorite food spot, theirs was here for Mexican food.


For GC#4 it was the finale of a great summer. The biggie in Paris for GC#4 might have been Paris Disney. I will ask her.

All of the girl grandchildren are going back to school this fall. Jenna (GC#3) and her Dad (Tim), and I spent a day last month at my alma mater, The University of Houston (go Cougars!). We even got Jenna's picture ID made that day and found all of her classrooms. I'm hoping to go to a couple of football games with her. Shasta, the Cougar, will be there. (U/H football)

Jenna will be a second semester freshman at U/H. She was fortunate to be able to do concurrent enrollment--high school and college--for her last year; and she took a summer class at another of my other alma maters and former employer, San Jacinto College (go Ravens!--you know them from basketball, Sam Cassell and Steve Francis, and baseball, Roger Clemens and Andy Petit).

Megan (GC#2) will be home next week from Peoria, Illinois, where she is finishing a summer internship at Caterpillar Co. Then she will return to the University of Texas in Austin.

She is on a five-year business/accounting program and should be getting a Masters degree then. Megan is way ahead of schedule also because of summer classes and high school concurrent enrollment.

love all the pictures, jim. all the gc are so precious. i keep telling maegan i really want gc's and she keeps telling me, "mom, i need to find and marry my superman first, it works better that way!" and then i roll my eyes and say, "yes, maegan you're right".

and yea, the band was Christian rock but, my hearing is still a little off! errrrrr
you got a nice looking family there Jim!

and for ah 104 year , you look quite well! :)

take care
Great piccies Jim. The GC's are really cute.

I have something scary on my blog. LOL

Take care xx
Nice pix, Jim! Now, where's GC#1?
Great photos!! A trip to Paris. Wow!! Karen looks like she's been in the sun!

You do have a good looking family Jim!
Jim I have tagged you and you are it.

I have tagged you for the first one on books.

Can't wait to see what you put.

Take care xx
Whew! Smart genes you passed on to your family!

I'm proud of our family.
And GC#1, Timothy, is equally as smart. Mom, you know that!

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