Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Going to jail again -- could these French digs be habit forming?

I heard Jim was off to jail again. Maybe Mrs. Jim too. [That other time turned out alright (link) all things considered.]

For sure not Adi, she keeps her nose clean. Oops, I'm sorry I said that. If you could just see where her nose goes . . .
This time its no TV, no phone. I've heard they have WiFi on the first floor so with time off for good behavior, maybe I could add to the blog? Probably could sneak that in during the wine and cheese hour in the library.

Or should I be doing the jail house lawyer thing and be working on escaping legally? Maybe I won't want to leave, I hear it is a lot nicer and homier than the Beaumont Federal Correctional Complex (a minimum federal prison complex)[Read about it].

This one for us is out in the boonies of Louisiana.


They said no WiFi up here though I won't complain. This is on the balcony where we can sit in the cool of the evening. Mint Julips anyone?

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Hi Jim,
Thanks so much for the comment on my blog about how I've been. Life's just got a little crazy with school for the kids and me! I'm working parttime too and this just adds to the fun. So, wish me luck. I'll keep blogging though. Otherwise, I'll miss you guys too mcuh. Thanks so much for caring.
Entertaining blog Jim!
Found your blog here in the rain, in UK on Tuesday afternoon........
so hi across the water!

Hi Jim

So you are on your hols? Have fun and make sure you come back or I will have to come and find you.

Take care xx
Looks like a great view from the balcony! I'll have a mint julep please!

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