Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Dog, Bruno Gone Wild



Video by GC#2, Megan
Yes, he has to be a happy dog!

You can view it at

Cute clip...

Take care xx
Bruno is happy... AND a good dancer.
Hi Jim
Bruno is one happy dog.

Thank you for my get well wishes I am feeling a lot better now will be back blogging in a day or 2
Take care .
Thanks for your comments, I am enjoying blogging now that all seems to be going well. Hopefully it will continue to be plain sailing.
Where is Adi's video?
I have to learn how to run the camera first. Unless we have another accident.
The two we have made were accidents, a friend made the Jim Bunch eating, and I took the other. I thought those two were going to be picture shots. You made the Eifel Tower and Megan made the Bruno.
Adi will come. She deserves it.

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