Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I left my . . .


heart in Iowa, no, it wasn't my heart, it was my shoes. But these shoes weren't left in Iowa.

I left my Sunday go-to-meeting black shoes in Lois' guest room closet. Three of us, Mrs. Jim, my sister, Lois, and I all looked in that closet for things lost. I had them each in a plastic (paper or plastic?) grocery bag, down on the floor. They were in there because it was apparent that after our arrival Sunday afternoon, there wouldn't be any meetings for us to attend.

I am a four-car owner and a two-pair-shoe person. Now I'm down to one and an old pair of black ones.

The white tennies here have done me well, I've had these Reboks for at least four years now. You can see how the tread is wearing off the bottom. They are my faves.

For one thing, my doctor-ordered generic arch supports fit in them very nicely.

Also in their favor is all the places they have been, with me wearing them. They have been to Spain, Paris and a lot more of France from one end to the other-two times, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichenburg, Italy, and Alaska. They have been to New York City and Vancouver, then all through the Southern and Midwestern states.

When I retire them, I may just put them on the shelf beside the pair I wore to the Holy Land. Those shoes crossed Jesus' path many a time!

So have you got them back? They are lovely trainers and should be honoured.

Take care Jim xx
My black ones will stay in Iowa for a good long time. They were Rebok walking shoes.
The white ones, the trainers, I wore back.
boy you have been everywhere! :)
I've been busy, and just came over to get caught up.
You have more cars than shoes! And both have taken you many places, it seems.
We should all be as lucky as to pass Jesus' path in OUR lives! ~ jb///
You aren't joking when you say you don't throw things away. Poor Mrs. Jim.

Er--is this healthy?
You get the use out of your shoes Jim!

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