Friday, August 25, 2006

The Jim Bunch eats again . . . complete with a cooking lesson today


Three minute roasting ears
Take one ear of corn and break in half or thirds.
Place them standing upright on paper towel in the microwave oven
Put microwave on High for three minutes

That's it. Butter while still hot. Add a minute or two for each additional ear.

This works really good for singles and old folks.


The menu for the day was roast beef on whole wheat bread with sliced onions and mustard, roasted corn on the cob, cottage cheese, and a mixed drink (orange/pineapple mixed with Diet Sprite, half and half).
Jim 'cooked' this 760 calorie lunch in ten minutes. Mrs. Jim had the same.

that looks good enough to eat! :)

and thanks for the visit! and comment

have a great weekend!
That's healthy eating.
Fridays might get to become The Jim Bunch Eats Healthy Again days for me?
I am impressed with your cooking skills Jim. I know if I cooked the corn in the microwave it would explode all over it. LOL

Take care xx
No, it won't. Just cook it for three minutes on high for one (1) ear, four plus minutes for two, add a minute for every new ear.

When it stops, check to see if it is real hot. If not, it isn't cooked good and heat it a little longer.

If you want to check it earlier, do that. It won't explode unless you cook it too long.
Where are the chilled tomatoes??
In the fridge. I forgot about getting them, they would have gone good with this.
Looks good to me Jim! Meal fit for a king!!

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