Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On the way to jail

Time out [good behavier] for a cup of coffee.
It was Community Coffee and was it ever good!


Does this look like a state information center?

In Louisiana, this is what to look for.

These are also the places to find that free good Community Coffee.



We were dropped off on good behavior to spend the night last night here. It is at Mrs. Jim's cousin's home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her cousin. Lewis, has had health problems.

Yesterday he came home from a 21-day stay in the hosptial for recovery from a stroke. Mrs. Jim was a tremdous help to him and his wife last night and this morning.

Just now

We are at the institution. I might get to blog some more later tonight, but since the people have treated us right, I hurried and put this on the blog.

Thought you might want to know we are ok. No pistol whipping or the likes yet.

You will see from the letter I e-mailed sister, Lois, we are in room now.

What follows is my e-mail reply to her inquiry. She was concerned I was either sick or on the road.

- - - - - - -

Dear Lois

My Blog said we were going to jail. Just like the link (click it here if you missed it yesterday) that was on my blog said had happened before. We ended up in a French jail that time. You are supposed to guess where the jail is this time.

I will post tonight. We had a nice stopover, two actually, on the way to jail. They let me off for coffee once and to potty. Then we had an overnight stay last night.

And a good thing, the wireless works up here in my cell! I thought I was going to have to bribe a guard to use theirs downstairs.They also brought us a glass of wine and some nuts so far.

I'd better hurry and eat or blog before I drink too much wine, the guard said she was going to bring some more wine soon.


Looks like fun Jim. Glad Mrs. Jim could be a help with her cousin! I hope you were helpful too!!

Enjoy the trip...and the coffee!!
You can't go wrong when the guards show up with wine.
boy jai, sure has change, I thought , all you got was bread and water! :)

have a good and safe trip!
It's got me beat why they keep letting you out Jim, throw away the key has been whispered around.
Wine? Community Coffee? Mint Julieps? Lock me up PUHLEASE! I won't even use my "get out of jail free" card :)
It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.
Nuts and wine. I'd say you're being treated well and we won't need to call the Red Cross.

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