Saturday, August 05, 2006

What do these blogs have in common?

In Common?

1st: I'm not sure they are blogs as we know them.

2nd: They all end with a list of links. I hope this isn't some kind of virus or worm getting into our blogs.

3rd: They are all Blogger blogs.

4th: I have never seen anything like this before.

5th: They all came up from a Search all Blogs search from the top of my page. I entered Buffalo Missouri profile to get them. There were others but I stopped looking, deciding that a post was in order.
6th: I didn't click on any of those links in the blogs. If there was something to be caught that way, I didn't want any.

So, and ideas here? Who has run into these before.

I'll Google after I post, that may reveal something?

I'd never tried that search before so after reading your post I played with it a bit.

I tried the most obscure, most bizarre phrases that came to mind and each time found dosens of blogs.

I guess it shows that the internet has become a place for everyone and everything.
I clicked on 'em. 'Twarn't nuthin' scary.
Susie, where are you. Are you traveling?
I suppose not scary, but some don't sound very good.
hey, what was your doing in buffalo Mo!
I thought we go through Buffalo on the way to Nebraska when we come up from Joplin on the way to Iowa or Nebraska, but that isn't right.
Buffalo is north of Springfield, once in a while we go through there coming up from Eldorado and Little Rock instead.
This last time we went across to Memphis, St. Louis, then up to Springfield Ill.
Coming home we took I-29, I-35, and I-45 so we missed Buffalo all the way around.
Probably we were in Buffalo last time either in the winter when I-40 was icy or in a spring when we stopped to see a cousin in Lake of The Ozarks.
Anyway I behaved because I hear they are pretty tough on Texans and displaced Nebraskans.
I couldn't find much excitement there by Googling.

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