Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where I was born, Part I - - - Out in the Nebraska country

Picture 3113 -- click picture to enlarge
Out in country, it was in Burt County, Nebraska, seven miles northwest of Herman, in the hills.
What might should be a happy sight is a little sad to me. This is the house where I was born. It has fallen into neglect, no one has lived in it since my parents moved to town (Tekamah, Nebraska). That was around 1980.
I was born in the living room, the room behind Mrs. J. with the open door. Dr. Lukens from Tekamah came out to do the doctor part of delivery. Either Dad or Grandma was the assistant--the one with the hot water.
I lived in this four room house until I left for the University of Nebraska in 1951. Mom and Dad's bedroom was upstairs in the front, your right. Mine was the back, or the north bedroom. Downstairs to the left, under my room was the kitchen. It was one fourth of the house, the kitchen table was in there too.
Before we leave, look carefully through that open door, into the living room. Then on the other side of the living room, you can barely see the open front door of the house. Remember that.
Didn't we have a nice and a comfy little Three Bear House? But trouble was coming. [Part II and Part III of this blog are coming soon.]

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JEL had left this comment earlier before I broke it up into three parts.
I'm sorry to those who suffered through the whole thing, but I had do that to preserve my sanity. I am teaching Sunday school again this Sunday and now I will have time to better prepare.
We are studying Ecclesiastes 9:1 through 11:6 this week.

jel said...
Hi Jim,
thanks for the tour of your childhood home, my ganny had a couch just like that one, and I loved to sleep, on it as a child :)

and she had a outhouse too, she didn't get a indoor bathroom until the early 70's

and now I live in her house , and the outhouse ,well the outershell of it is still standing :)

oh and thanks for stopping by,
the fog tree, is one I took one winter day , it was a pain to drive in , but it was Awesome to walk in , I took a few pictures of the fog that day, and I added the border to it!

take care and have agreat day! :)

Thu Aug 10, 06:10:29 AM CDT
Wow! Jim...that looks great. I know its sad because of the neglect..but its still there with all the wonderful!And I can't wait for the rest...
And thanks so much for adding me in your links..I just saw it today:))me really thrilled:)
Original roof and paint?
I just Googled Herman, NE. Due west of Chicago, looks like. Corn country. Were you farmers?
Doesn't seeing your old homeplace bring back those special memories!! Mine is long gone, but I still recall it in my mind. Too bad it's fallen into neglect.

Enjoy those memories Jim!
That house was made before the turn of the century and was moved there when my dad, born in 1910, could watch and remember.
Dad would paint it regularly, whether it needed it or not. He shingled it quite a few times too.
Mom and Dad moved in when they were married, in December of 1932.
It was Grandpa's farm, but Dad and Mom began to farm it on shares after their marriage.
Everyone raised corn and oats at that time, soybeans weren't thought of, maybe even not heard of back then.
They fed the corn, beans, and hay to the animals. Dad sold cream to the creamery, Mom sold the eggs to the produce house.
Cattle, pigs and hogs were sold for butchering. We ate what we could and sold the rest. We also had a huge vegetable garden for our veggie source.
We were terribly poor [$$].
a word of thanks for puting a my place on your list of blogs :)

i forgot to tell you before!

take care
o.k. Jim do that one then. Do the second one..........please!!!!

Go on you know you love it really.

Take care xx
Jim I am sorry to read about your house. Its a shame that no one bought it to live in. It looks like a very special home.

Take carexx
It is on the farm my dad now owns and he didn't want to sell the buildings or the building site.
It sits right in the middle of his farm, in a cornfield and someone strange living there would disrupt things.
Thanks for the switch in tags. I appreciate that although I may not get to it until Sunday night or Monday.
The house I was born in is still standing and I believe there are tenants in it too. Haven't been there lately.
Are we to assume we are looking at the back of the house?
Can't wait for the other two parts.
It was the back of the house as we used it. It could have been the original front as the door we used as front, on the other side of the living room, was very close to the kitchen. The kitchen had a back door of its own.
Eventually we sealed shut the door we are seeing. Sealing it kept out a lot of cold drafts in the winter.
I've eaten several meals in the house Jim. I know we there for Sunday dinner many times.
I'm glad your Dad doesn't need to see that anymore. It wouldn't sit well would it.

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