Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adi Can . . . . . . . Have her stomach pumped

Yesterday was a little hectic. It started out peacefully, just as this picture deficts. The sun was shining brightly on the dewy golf course to the east.

The dining room attendant agreed it looked a little like snow. She has only seen snow one time in her life, that was two years ago on Christmas Day, right here!

You can see cart tracks in the distant, they lead to Adi's horse apple tree. Remember that?



Away in the distance, now looking west, is the clubhouse from where I took the previous picture. Adi was feeling good the day that we took this one, as was she when I got home yesterday.

After taking my triglyceride medicine we would go for our Tuesday walk. We got a was late start because I am now going to a 7:30 Tuesday morning Bible study at the clubhouse.


You might ask, "what does this picture have to do with this tale?"

Answer is what you don't see here. Missing is the other end that I cut off so I could spread a little on a few crackers (no-fat saltines).

Adi ate that other end, with the wire binding and all. In one bite, no not a bite but a gulp and swallow. No chewing for this Adi hound dog!

I was dabbing some left-on flavor from the cut off end wrapper onto her snack treat. The end slipped out of my fingers and Adi just woofed it up!

So I called her vet, Dr. Brian Hablinski, D.V.M., at his Willis Animal Clinic (link). By the way, if you click on that link, I am happy to say plans for a much needed larger building have been approved.

His nurse said to bring Adi in right away, we were there in ten minutes.

Adi looks a little sick here doesn't she. Absent now is the end wrapper piece, wire and all still intact. She was upchucking within five minutes of our being there. Adi is such a good, mindful, little doggie.

And she didn't have to have her stomach pumped. Instead they put a little pill under her right eyelid. That's why she looks like she has been crying.

The medicine was Apomorphine. That sure beat pumping her stomach. We had a little conversation about the pumping, is it now being as a teaching tool (what you took wasn't good, the remedy isn't pleasant, let's not do it again) by some medical professionals?

Note: To view these pictures better, click on them. Then do away with your menus by doing Function Key 11 (f-11). To restore your browser, click f-11 again, then do "Back" (or 'backspace key'). Do that for the golf course picture and of our poor poorly looking Adi. She got lots of loving, from the attendants and from Jim.

I hope Adi is feeling better now! leave it to a dog to eat without chewing first...
Jim, Mitch wants me to ask you whether you are worried about having a link to "don't date him girl" now that they are being sued. He also wants to know your legal opinion about defamation, and whether the poster is liable and/or is the website owner liable for enabling the poster?
Thanks, Carmen. Maybe I should take it off. I never look at it, a few readers do a little bit.
I didn't know they were being sued.

My opinion, of course it can be challenged, is that whoever writes defamatory remarks could be liable just as if they were written in the newspaper.

We have seen Google and Yahoo being liable for having access to obscenity on their sites, as well as some providers.

I zing comments I think might inflame people. As a general rule political and entertainment figures are pretty open season and wouldn't win a defamation suit.
Poor Adi.... she sure is cute, but it is her love for food that gets her in so much trouble! You know, she ate one of those horse apples in its mini stages while she was a puppy. There is no telling what all has gone into that belly of hers!
Ohh my that was a big chunk, I always used to tell my dogs off for never chewing, im surprised she never choked either.
Im glad Adi is better and on the mend.
poor baby, hope Adi, will be ok!
Poor Adi
Hope shes feeling a lot brighter and learned her lesson. My dog is a guts and will eat anything if your eating it its ok he thinks for can eat it too. Apples , Grapes,just anything.
Glad Adi is feeling better. That was a huge chuck she swallowed.
Poor Adi! Glad they were able to get it up again. My dog is a pig too. Just gulps it down like there are 10 other dogs around and he has to snatch it up! He's pretty smart but I have yet to learn him what chewing means! had me a little worried there for a bit. So glad Adi is OK through all that.
Do dogs chew? Most of them gulp their food, if I'm not mistaken.
My Dad raised Beagles and used to take them to different shows. He also used them for hunting.
Adi, we are glad you are feeling better. Next time, don't be quite so quick to eat what your grand-master lets slip out of his hand, though!
Sounds like an exciting day.
Oh poor poor Adi, what a sad little tale. I hope she is feeling better. Bless her little cotton paws.

Take care xx

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