Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back Home Now, This and That, Jim Bunch Eats, That's All for Tonight

Saw this at a Country Club/Pro Shop in St. Francisville, Louisiana, this afternoon. Why pass up something free?

Monday, probably, I will give a guided tour of sorts of our stay in Louisiana. We really enjoyed, as they say, 'We needed that!'

Thank you Jerry!
Jerry dedicated his song post to me yesterday, September 1.
It will play Marty Robins, Devil Woman for you, just push the "Play (2.6MB)" link on his post.
Mrs. Jim knows the words and was singing right along with Marty tonight (after midnight, so really this morning.
Please read his blog, Back Home Again. (link)
For history sake, you can always go here (link) for that September 1 posting.


These are Louisiana Crab Fingers, fried with the most delicious batter. We shared these as appetizers today. This bowl was heaping when we started, this was all that were left when I remembered the picture taking bit.

No crawfish po-boy today either. We ate at the country club in St. Francisville today, thank you very much Cousin Harold Ray.
They didn't have crawfish po-boys either, but they did have delicious oyster po-boys and we had those.



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HI Jim.
My mouths watering just looking at all that seafood eating my favorite kinda food (seafood )
take care Jen
Thanks, Jen
See food is hard on me, see food and I eat it.
Really though, I like seafood the best!
I've been all over Cajun Country and one of my favorite things to do was to head over to Fred's Lounge in Mamou, LA on a Saturday morning. It's tiny and packed. A live Cajun band and Aunt Sue pouring the drinks. We'll have to swap stories of visits to Louisiana!
glad your back,

but no mugbugs , how sad! :(
Glad you had a good trip Jim. Bet Adi was glad to see you!

That food looks so good!! I love seafood. Most of it anyways!
Hey Jim whatcha mean that I'm LOUD.
I resemble that (or is that resent).
I'm still having confusion issues over the tag post.
Love the seafood, especially prawns (shrimp) crabs, lobster and even fish.
When I was in San Francisco I went down to Fisherman's Wharf and the seafood was delicious.

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