Saturday, September 30, 2006

A contest you can win -- Orange yu glad I told you about it!

The prize is worth only 99 cents, but it's fun and free.

How to do it? Go to and answer the riddle.

You can play through October 15. The prize (1000 will be awarded each day so it is run sweepstake style--for the ones answering correctly this riddle--to choose the lucky winners) is one New Ultimate Cheese Snacker sandwich.

The correct answer to the riddle: TRAFFIC JAM (not case sensitive).

Answer to yesterday's where am I quiz

The Letterman concert, right here in Conroe, Texas. We weren't going to go but a friend who couldn't go gave us a couple of her tickets. Thank you, Shirley, we loved it!

In the center of the picture below is Tony Butala, one of the original Lettermen. They started in the late 50's and were signed to Warner Brothers Records in 1960. If he was nineteen in 1960, he would be sixty-six now. His long hair is very white.

On the left is Donovan Tea, from Houston, Texas. He joined the Letterman in 1984. He is fifty-one. The other singer is Mark Preston, he also joined in 1984 but took seventeen year sabbatical after singing for five years.

I wanted to put on some of The Letterman music but they guard it closely and only want it sold legitimately. The best I can do is five sample songs [click] here. Then push the red SAMPLE button.

I didn't try to download the 'six free songs' because when I did it wanted to download a player for me. I didn't want to hassle with any spyware that might come with it. I have three perfectly good players already.

Mrs. Jim's favorite Lettermen song is their Summer Song. I like them all about the same. Before I was told I couldn't sing [very good] I sang a lot of those songs.
Oh yes, even though we were in the balcony (second row) Donovan Tea did come up and sang to us. Mrs. Jim and I got to shake his hand, he wasn't into Texas ((((HUGS)))).

I am answering your question here because I don't know if you go back to mine for answers.
Junior will be 32 this October 10th.
Hello Jim ~Thanks for your comments. I don't see why Old Lady couldn't be changed to Old Man. Let's terrify
the kids. Take care, Jim, Cheers,
Wow Jim sounds like you had a brilliant time. You have some nice friends.

Take care xx

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