Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Didgano II? Arrr, Avast mates!

4. Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Billy just told me that in my previous blog (scroll on down, but if it gets lost, try here)(That blog also has topics # 1, 2, and 3). It's a little late to get started with the lingo now, but we can try. For sure it will count as practice for next year.

So I googled "Arrrr! Talk like a pirate -- or prepare to be boarded" and first up was this site, International Talk Like A Pirate Day (link). Seems as though they would want a lot of Arrr's, Avast's, and Ahoy's in the vocabulary of a pirate. I'm wondering if they ever graduate to the B's and C's. The Pirate drawing is also from that site.

I read a little further, they do use B's and G's, I'm not sure about C's. The B's are Beauty, Bilge rat, and Bung hole. That last one in pirate talk is a (w)hole lot nicer than the U.S. Army usage.

According to Billy and Wikipedia (link), Columnist, Dave Barry also did a (w)hole lot to boost support for this holiday. Since he badmouthed the current pres in that September 8, 2002, Miami Herald article (link) I doubt it will become a national holiday here as long as the Republicans are in power.

Thanks, Billy, for bringing this up and for providing the Dave Barry reference.

If anyone want's more info, those three links (Talk Like A Pirate Day, Dave and Wikipedia) have all kinds of help and links. To get outside those boxes, just Google "Arrrr! Talk like a pirate -- or prepare to be boarded."
A little hint, but if you think Billy should be the guest editor here while I'm doing my next stint in prison--around October 13 for a while-- you can encourage him here. Just leave a comment as your vote.

Ahoy Matey!!

Blimey! I say let Billy walk the plank while you're off in the hoosegow next time!!

Oh Boy, I did see Pirates of the Caribbean so I should be able to come up with at least one line
Ahoy me Matey,

Thanks for dropping by regulary Jim and leaving your comments, they all mean alot to me. In reference to "Gwens Den", I dont actually write on her site, she asked me to get a few things sorted out for her, that shes not quite able to get her head around yet. You might see my name pop up on others from time to time, it just makes it easier for me to do the editing.

Great blog, I have never heard of TLAP day, had a few chuckles when I visited the link.

Have a great day, stay safe, have fun & always remember to smile

Now, those pirates..... are they the ones from Pittsburgh?
And, what the heck, you're going to prison, AGAIN?!

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