Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't tell HomeLand Security, but Alpha III Rocket Launch Is Successful Right Here!

Up, Up, and Away!

Don't tell HomeLand Security, but my nine-year-old granddaughter is building and launching rockets.

Watch her successful launch while her friend watches, covering his ears.

Oh yes, recovery was very successful too!

See and link to or bookmark this video directly from YouTube. (click here)


This fuzzy picture caught the launch in mid-air. Photo from a previous post, September 4. (link to it)

Too cute.
Where are the film producer and editor(Billy)credits?
Jim thanks for the comment on my blog. So kind of you too care. I am not off far and will be around. Just may not post as frequently. I need some time off and the blog does become consuming. Well at least it does me. I have hoshimotos. I think thats how you spell it. Its a thyroid thing. It has totally overwhelmed me but I am feeling better.

Take care Jim and thanks for being a great blog friend.

Catherine xx
Thanks BM for coming over. Hope you could enjoy my GC#4 and her rocket.
Hi Jim ~ Thanks for your comments on my new blog, which seems to be going OK. That was a good joke about the missing "R" all those years !!!!
Your granddaughter did well with her rocket. Thank you again for stopping by. Take care, Merle.
Bailey reminds me of me at that age. What fun!
have they been watching October Sky? :) a great video. Thanks for sharing.
I've been thinking of trying that with the kids here on the farm.
How cool is that!! Very good video Jim. Kudos to who put it together!!

BTW, on Jerry's blog you said that Rachel and he were lucky to have their Dads. Were you talking about this Rachel? My Dad died on 1-1-00 unfortunately. God, how I wish he were still alive.
The rocket went up about 800 feet and returned via parachute. The launch team would chase it and try to catch it before it hit the gorund. The whole spectale was very entertaining to see.
Also, Bailey did all the producing and editing of the video. I just picked out the music and answered manned the help desk when needed.
That is a GREAT video. It looks like the future of NASA will be in good hands.
I heard NASA got a BUNCH of funding, I guess this proves it! ~ jb///
What FUN!!!!!!
Gidday Jim, good to see NASA has some competition. Loved the post on Madewood Plantation. The house (hum not really a house) reminds me a bit of Tara from "Gone With The Wind".
Part II of the Stooges is up and running and this is turning out to be bigger than Ben Hur as there will now be a Part III.
'Tis me Wazza and to get the link I have to sign in as Anonymous.
Ok guys, I'm sorry Rachel (Ky Rachel).
On Jerry's blog I was referring to armywifetoddlermom. Her e-mail was rachel714xx@xxx.

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