Friday, September 08, 2006

Eight Elegant Beauties

[click on picture for full screen].
First there are three white long stemmed roses.
Those three are followed by three red long stemmed roses.
Then there is Mary Magdalene in a beautiful portrait.
Finally we have the very pristine and beautiful Mrs. Jim.
It can't get much better than that.

This picture was taken at Madewood Plantation, Napoleonville, Louisiana.
It has been converted to a B & B hotel. Mrs. Jim bid on and won a package there on
So we stayed there three days and two nights.
It was soooo nice a get-away for us! Please read some of my earlier blog posts, from September 1 through September 5 below about our stay there.
morning Jim!

may you and mrs.jim , have a great weekend!

Lovely place and you are so right about the 8 elegant beauties!

Just beeyootiful!!!!
Jim you are such a wonderful hubby to Mrs Jim.

I miss you and I think I will be back next week. Feeling tons better.

Take care xx
Mary Magdalen is not beautiful in this picture--she's naked.

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