Sunday, September 17, 2006

Music for today, this is a really nice choir (Morehead State University)

Brother-in-law, Danny is singing in this choir. He is the fourth from the left on the back row, to the right of the guy with the pink shirt.

Mrs. Jim and I like it a lot, of course we might be prejudiced a little.

The piano player uses every key she can find too! Just a great player.
[link to the choir music] Note: the second time through may be better if the first was skippy.

No picture Jim. I'll stop back after church to see if it's there.
Please let me know if it still won't work.
It worked just now and when we first turned the PC on earlier. [We are off to church now also.]
The link is supposed to bring up Morehead State University Web site to the page with the choir singing.
Their picture should come in and about the same time the choir starts.
We have DSL here, not a real fast one but it keeps up pretty good. I think cable might be smoother.
My brother-in-law uses dial-up.
Jim, it was lovely.... gave me goosebumps. I love listening to the choir. I was in the church choir when I was a teenager. I found it very emotional and uplifting.

Take care xx
Very nice! She does give the keyboard a workout doesn't she ??
Very nice Jim! I see they are wearing jeans and such. Seems more and more churchs are going to the casual style. Great music and she is a great piano player!! Thanks for the link.

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