Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Muslim Immigrant New Citizens The Most Since the 1980s

America is the Land of Opportunity!

How often have you heard that said. But the numbers of Muslim immigrants recently--over 40,000 last year--amazed me. As did the number of Muslims admitted to U.S. citenships, more almost 96,000 last year. [Photo courtessy of The New York Times, link here]

Probably not a problem for us, but I'll bet some of them are not being made very welcome. I'll just keep an open mind, I probably deal with a few when I buy gas or get my PC fixed.

I said I was staying away from controversial topics, but this may be an exception.

"More Muslims Arrive in U.S., After 9/11 Dip" (link to New York Times Article)

JFK and U.S. Muslim (The Houston Chronicle link):

"Last year more than 95,000 people from Muslim nations became legal permanent residents, the most of any year since the mid-1980s."

Rember ". . . look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest?" (My September 10, 2006, blog) These people are a perplexing and challenging harvest to be won for Jesus!

Hello Jim ~ That does sound a heck of a lot. I have no figures, but there are a lot here in Australia. I have no problem with their religion, so long as they abide by our laws.
Thank you for your comments. Lately
Peter may not think I'm a nice sister as my blogsites have been so much trouble. I hope Mrs Jim will read the Companionship poem. It is great for couples - "Just to know you are there." Take care, Merle.
No matter what you views - your last sentence sums it up quite nice.
Good Post.
Hi Jim

A very hard post to comment on without being judgemental.

The Ringleader in our Circus is an immirgrant. Although he is a legit one but he is married to a Yank.

Take care xx
I like your political blogs. You have the sense to interpret politics of the day.

I vote for the reinstatement of your political blog.

(I voted for the reinstatement of the "anonymous" option, and--Voila!)
Perplexing and challenging is right!
These people are a perplexing and challenging harvest to be won for Jesus!

Surely Jim this is where the problems start, why must there be only one religion that's right? the moral fibre and willingness to learn the language and abide by the laws of their new land are far more important than what church they attend.
Couldn't agree with Peter more... The law of the land is supreme and HAS to be followed.. it cannot be different for different people.

I lived in the USA from '85 until '95 before moving back home to India, it is still one of my favourites.

Religion for me is something that is private and needs to be practised as such.. Live and Let Live.

Great thought provoking post Jim.

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