Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today we have the cheerleader

GC#4 is leading the cheers for
[See yesterday's blog for more]
There is No Place Like Nebraska song
Watch today, ABC at 2:30 EDT!

GC #4 is cheering on Nebraska today! Good pic in her uniform and megaphone!
Thanks, Karen. I'm glad you guys are watching and cheering.

Please remember LSU [today at 2:30 CDT] vs. Auburn. Y'all can cheer for LSU also.

There is a surprise for you if you click on the picture!
The cheerleader looks great!

Sorry Jim. I won't be watching. It'd be dullsville for me.
Like the picture trick!!
I wouldn't have done that but for some reason the GC#4 always came up with a '404 Sorry, The Page You Seek Is Not Here' message.

So I put this, it is football.
59 - 10 what are you smoking Jim?? Glad to see you found a battery at the right price. Golf gets expensive, EH??
For a while tonight I though maybe that 10 was correct for USC. Not so for long.

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