Saturday, September 09, 2006

A video link from my friend Les who is back from his holiday

He sent me this link to a "Senior Video."

Date: Fri 8 Sep 10:37:12 CDT 2006
From: "Les
Subject: Fw: Senior Citizens
To: A whole bunch of us

You are bound to love this one...And, if you are not a Senior, you‘d wish that you were one. Speakers on!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the piano on this one.

Enjoy. Click here: Seniors

That is cute! Enjoy being a senior citizen Jim!! It does have some advantages thankfully!!
Good stuff Jim, there's heaps more at the bottom of the page too.
Hi Jim ~~ Loved all the senior things and they are so true.
I do not know how to delete the
comments (unless they have the garbage bin option). I e mailed Peter and asked if he could do it, so I hope he can. I have 4 kids and raised them according to Dr. Spock and have a well worn book to prove it. I didn't write that article, but some of it is true. If Peter can't remove your comments, don't worry
as not too many would see them on my blog, and you were entitled to your
opinion. Glad you have mellowed for
your sake. Take care Jim and thanks for visiting my blog. Merle.

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