Friday, September 29, 2006

Where were we last night?

This is the only hint you'll get for now.
The picture is fuzzy because Mrs. Jim and I were in the nosebleed section [second row, though].
.[[click on picture for full screen]
[it won't help much]
When: Last night.

Who? I have no clue. Too fuzzy to tell but I probably wouldn't know even if they weren't fuzzy!

I have no idea where or what either!
I didn't know Burt Reynolds was a singer....
hee hee
I have no idea?
They are too well dressed to be a rock group so maybe a gospel group or the Kingston TRio?
This is a gathering of the guys they arrest on COPS! (always out of focus)
I don't know where you were, perhaps I may have liked to have been there. I apologise about Uncle toby and Billy tea. "Billy Tea" was originally the method used to make tea by Drovers, Swagmen, and bushies in general. Billy is a tin can with a handle that is hung over the camp fire or sat on the coals. Can be bought or made from a large empty tin and piece of wire. People still make "Real Billy" when they are camping in the bush and there are no fire bans.There is an Aussie brand of tea named"Billy Tea" from this tradition. "Uncle Toby" is a brand of oatmeal here I think "The Three Bears ate it". Cheers Margaret

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