Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Windmill Raising by the Dirty Dozen

Here we have progress. A bunch of us guys got together to raise this windmill. We did fine as you see here. That was last month.

My friend, John, found it in Kansas and wanted it for his front yard. He brought it home in pieces and now has it semi-restored and ready.

The aeromotor still needed a little work but it would be raised up soon after John did a little bit more work. Mrs. John wanted to get a bucket truck over to hoist it up, John favored having us guys do the work.

Last week the crew assembled to do the work. Mrs. John had lost out all the way. John had taken the windmill tower down and put things together on the ground. Now we were to raise it again, this time complete and ready to run. Just add oil.

The Dirty Dozen crew from left to right: John, me (Jim), Milton, Jim (not me), Gene, Paul, Chuck, Bill, Dick (kneeling), Jim (still another), Ray, and Robert. All of us are set to man our posts.
In John's mind, this is what things should look like when the job is done.

Actually I think the rider and horse enhance the situation a little. John has an old Ford tractor but no horse. Even the water tank adds to the scheme of things.
Well, that didn't happen. With the motor attached it was too heavy for the rope lift John had rigged in the tree. Things started buckling and sliding.
So we just left it like this and had coffee with breakfast and talked.

Never fear, a crew is coming around 9:00 today and we will get it raised. John has straightened and rebuilt.

Going for him the most is that John has arranged for a bucket truck to raise it all up, motor and tower all at the same time.

These guys will be here as sidewalk superintendents again that day.

I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm betting on a job well done this time!

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Good luck Jim! I'll come back later to see if you fellows can get the wind mill up.
The best layed plans of mice and men.....
That will be neat once it's up!! I'm sure you all had a great time working on it, even though it didn't get finished as planned!

Can't wait to see the final pictures!!
Hi Looks as though there has been a lot of fun and a good amount of male bonding happening there. It will be great when finished I am sure, is it going to pump water, or just for it's good looks? I have always wanted a miniature version in my garden. Cheers Margaret

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