Sunday, October 08, 2006

Adi Can . . . . . . . . Be all dressed up with no place to go

She even had a bath yesterday morning. But first things first, we decided to replace the other five batteries in the golf cart. The first one was changed out a couple of weeks ago.

Her ride would be right after lunch. I put her to work. You might remember that Adi is a therapy dog. We drove into Conroe and visited the folk at the assisted living center for about an hour.

Both Adi and the folk there like her visit. The folk tell me all about the dog (s) they used to have, some looked just like Adi. They tell me that just about every time we go. One fellow had a pack of beagles like Adi. They helped him hunt rabbits.

When we got home the charger had finished and we took a test ride. All seems fine with the new batteries.

Whatever happened to our Sunday sermon?
I'm glad you are reading my blog again. You will have to go to church I guess.
I didn't have one every Sunday and couldn't figure any scripture to go with his picture [well maybe "All creation is waiting . . . ].
Maybe you could figure out one. Thanks.
Therapy pets do a wonderful job of lifting the spirits of folk who are in care Jim.
Hi Jim.
Thanks for your hello while I was away,had a great trip but glad to be home.Adi sure looks the test pilot type.
Keep well.
Nice picture of Adi. Hope she enjoyed her bath. Here's a doggie joke for you:

A preacher had been called to his new pastoral appointment and was dismayed to find that one of the leading laymen of the congregation had brought his dog to the service. The pastor asked the man to kindly remove the animal. The man obligingly took the dog out and returned to his seat.

After the service, some of the church board members rebuked the pastor for insulting one of their staunchest members. The dog hadn't caused any trouble, they pointed out, and the dog had been accompanying the man to church for years.

After the service, the pastor called to apologize. "Don't worry about it, Pastor," the man said. "It all worked out okay. I wouldn't have had my dog hear that sermon for anything in the world."

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