Monday, October 16, 2006

Adi Can....

Since Jim is away, I am trying to uphold his high standards of blogging. I thought I would try this one:

Adi Can....bring her luggage for a visit.

Adi packs a big bag for her visit. As you can tell, I think she may be a bit spoiled. I am wondering if Jim packs this much stuff for his incarceration(s).
Adi Can....share her pillow.

Adi seems to have no problem being around Amber. Sometimes they even cuddle when no one is looking.

Adi Can....checkout my new golf clubs.

Adi seems to be impressed withe them but she is not sure how much they will actually help my score. After all the rain stops, I will have to try them out.

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Looks like Adi came well equipped to stay for awhile since her owners are in jail.
Adi looks like she has plenty of baggage there and sharing her pillow.hope Mr,Mrs jim having a good time.
Billy, nice irons - how did you come to pick them over other brands/models?

New woods and/or rescue clubs to go with the irons?
I didn't realise Jim was away.

I love Adi and you did a good job on Adi can.

Take care
Mitch-I have been looking for a while and I demo'd many brands and finally went with something more forgiving that what I had and had a decent feel. They look similar to the DCI's and had a better feel. The woods/utility clubs are coming soon. I am having trouble deciding on those.
If that dog's so darn smart...let her write the next blog. I want to know what she think of Jim.
That Jim is so nice an smart too.

Billy, tell us about your new clubs.

We like the looks of the blog!

p.s. We are in Yaroslavl, Russia, today. (on the Volga River)
Those look like nice clubs - what kind.
Ralph - the clubs are PING's and the model is the I5. There is a link in the blog on the blurb about Adi and golf clubs. They replaced some Titleist DCI's. I have had them since 1990 and the grooves were almost worn down. I am not sure if they will help but they can't hurt.
I love me some Adi.
Glad to see Adi is keeping herself busy in Jim and Mrs Jim's absence Cheers Margaret
Does Adi watch the "Cowboys" with Amber?
what kind did you get????/

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