Saturday, October 14, 2006

Are Men smarter than Women?

A recent article that was published in the Houston Chronicle by Eric Berger (the SciGuy):

Now after reading this, I wasn't sure if it was true so I had to ask someone who is very wise. I asked Karen and she said it is not true. Given that her motto is that the wife knows best, I am inclined to agree. Of course, I may be saying that for my own personal safety.


Any thoughts?

Oh yes the wife knows best Jim. How come we woman can multi task and you mencan only do one thing at time? Hmmmm!!!

Great post!!!

Take care xx
I too would argue that with any woman except one in my family.
I suggest you just thro that article away and forget you ever read it. Personal safety should be your first priority.
OK we got one male and one female who didn't recognize that "Jim" was Billy so I guess that's a tie.... who knows??
We want some juicey personal gossip...
OK, men have heavier brains and are apparently more nervy. Smarter? Maybe they are.
So don't you think Adam should have been smart enough not to eat the poisoned fruit that Eve offered him?
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I am going to take the chance that my wife does not read this....
Of COURSE men are smarter than women. Why is this question even open for debate?

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