Monday, October 09, 2006

A changing of the guard

Let's welcome guest writers, my son-in-law, Billy, and daughter, Karen. Billy is the fellow sitting on the right, at the Jim Bunch eating table.

They have no orders from me, they know my standards and writing ethics. And I have no idea what they will write. Nor how often, probably not every day.

This Friday Mrs. Jim and I are off to jail again on another hoped-to-be-nice European holiday. Here's hoping also that I blog more about this one than I did about our visit last spring.


The pictures today were taken at our subdivision's '2006 Picnic in the Park' yesterday. It was a 'bring a covered dish or desert, meat will be provided, bring your chairs tables & favorite beverages!' affair.

We were encouraged to bring the golf cart to save parking parking space. I would say more drove than brought carts. We brought both.


GC#4 came with Billy and Karen. Here she is playing toss the candy corn bag. Both her form and her aim were good today.


GC#4 was the big winner at hula-hoop. She has very good coordination skills. Breaking news! I am a finalist in the name Anne Nichol Smith's baby contest!


Who doesn't want to be painted anyway? I dare say Mrs. Jim was the only adult who got painted.

Hi Jim,

Looks like you all had a great time. Thank you for you kind words in rememberance to Dad.

You must explain the "jail" to me, I'm a little lost !!

Gidday Jim, I trust you and Mrs. Jim will have a enjoyable European holiday and will look forward to reading about your visits when you return. It's great to see such family outings as "Picnic in the Park" are still a part of family life as in today's hectic, fast society, sometimes these sorts of things often get forgotten and left behind.
Hi Caz -- Jail is where I had told the blogging world we were going this spring last March and April when we went to Europe. I played the jail game everytime I could get to an Internet cafe to post. Daughter, Susie, wrote some hilarious posts then.

I have them all assembled now in a blog of their own:
It is linked on the right of my blog.

One of our builders here furnished the meat, BBQ'd chicken and beef brisket. He is a nice guy, his homes are nice, and the meat was good. Thanks, Jim Morris!
Well Jim, enjoy your trip!! I know you'll have a great time and your fill in bloggers will do a fine job in your place.

However, I shall miss you. Adi will too!!
have a great time, and safe one

God bless you both!

oh btw jim, sorry the pie was all gone , next time i make one i will let you know! :)
Now, you be good in jail, and maybe they'll let you out after a few days.
Will check up on Billy and Karen.
Hi Jim,

A great day had by all by the looks of things, always nice to spend days with the family, very important.

Jo xoxoxo
Hi Jim,

I had to stop by and see what you and Mrs. Jim are up to these days. It sounds like you are having more fun!
why doesn't dad go by Mrs. Arlene??

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