Thursday, October 12, 2006

Do svidaniya

[prounced dosvidaniya] for a short term [of two plus weeks]. It's jail for the Jim's again.

As the picture above says, "don't turn your computer off (don't go away) ." Billy and Karen will write here while we are gone! Like I said, I will read about it when/if we return.



Adi has her bags packed too! She is also under Karen and Billy's care while we are gone.



We have our map too. Our facilities (link) will move along quite rapidly. To see where all, go here (link).
Oh yes, we will take a jacket and an umbrella, it is cooler there than here in the Houston area! No hard freezes like Iowa or snow like Nebraska is forcast though.

That Jim Bunch sure does like to travel!

Cabin # 306.
have a good time, don't drink the water! :)
Oh wow!! I'm sure you'll have a blast. Enjoy!!
We would love to go to Russia. My husband is half Russian. What a trip he is. Have fun.
We may change nationalities while we're there. Go up a German-English-Manx and come down a 'Russian.'
Hi Jim, Sounds like a great aventure, drive safely and a safe return.
Hi Jim
Have a great holiday see you on your return dont forget the camera
Have a great Holiday, Russia is a particularly beautiful country judging from the photos I have seen at least. Don't forget to send Adi a postcard! Cheers Margaret.
Your local kennel operator would thank you.

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