Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is Life a Bed of Roses?

My dad has a problem. Growing up, he was always my coach at any sport I played. He was always doing anything he could outdoors. He was a hunter, fisherman, and sometimes even a golfer. However one day it all came to an end. It started slowly. One day, it was one little change in his habits. Slowly over time I think he may have became addicted. My dad became a.............................rosarian. Somehow, my dad began growing roses. He started slowly with a few bushes here and there. Now he has over 200 species of roses in his yard. He hybridizes roses to create new varieties. He travels to rose shows with his other fertiziling friends in the Golden Triangle Rose Society. I don't think this is going to stop. At some point there may have to be an intervention. I think these few pictures show just how far he has went:

This a Mexican Firebrush.

This one is called Ms. Linda. It's created by dad and named after Mom

This rose bud is the 4th of July. I am not sure what the bugs are but it's a neat picture

Even Adi and Karen can stop and smell the roses.

One side of the yard.

In reality, due to his habit, his yard is very pretty year round. If he didn't grow them, I would not have been able to give Karen many dozens of roses. I think it's awesome that he has named roses he created after every member of his family except for his son (Yes, even Karen has a rose coming soon). So if you ever need advice about growing roses, I absolutely recommend my dad. I may give him a hard time about roses and those dreaded Cowboys but I wouldn't have it any other way.

By the way, after meeting with a high powered attorney, Karen and I have successfully negotiated for Mr. and Mrs. Jim to be released. I expect we may see him on Friday or soon after.

Thanks, Billy, for getting us released from that Russian prison. We almost got sent to Siberia. I sure hope I can get back here, maybe by Friday.

Thanks more, Billy, for writing the blog while I was gone. You have some nice blog ideas and wrote some very nice postings. We will talk about you doing some more for us.

Finally, those roses. They are gorgeous. Mrs. Jim and I like them a lot. And maybe you could buy some that his Dad, John, has patented. I haven't talked with him about getting cuttings or plants. If anyone wanted to check that we could get ask.
Those are great pictures. I wish I grow roses like that. But now I know where to go for the right advice. Good post.
Awesome pictures,
My mom would go crazy over them!

Hi Jim
Welcome back
lovely photos off your lovely rose garden, I love ms linda A beautiful Rose
Take Care
ms Linda is a truly beautiful rose.I am very fond of roses have always grown them, have very limited space now but still manage to grow a few,
Welcome back Jim and Mrs Jim.
Welcome back! I enjoyed all of your pictures and these roses are lovely. I have 4 rose bushes but none of them compare to the roses in your pictures. Lovely!
I never knew this about Jim!! How wonderful!! I've always thought it would be nice to grow roses. Now I know who to ask for advice on the subject. They are all so lovely and how neat that he named some after all the members of the family! Where's Adi's?????

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